Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to put cheats on the gpSPhone

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Things you will need:
JAILBROKEN iPod Touch or iPhone
gpSPhone 6.2.5
Roms for the gpSPhone
Computer with working internet
-Download and Install iPhoneBrowser
-Open iPhoneBrowser and plug in iPod to computer
-Go to this directory in iPhoneBrowser:
-Open Notepad
Now search a game you want cheats for. Your search should say something like:
"Pokemon sapphire action replay cheats for gba"
-You should something like this:
-Copy the codes to the notepad
-Now add "gameshark_v1" before every cheat, to get this:
-Now save the file as the EXACT SAME name as the game you're doing the cheats for, as a .cht
Example: "Pokemon Sapphire.cht"
-Now drag the file to the iPhonebrowser
-Turn your iPod off then on
-Open gpSPhone
-Play the game you got the cheats for
-Click the little "Menu" button
-Select "Toggle Loaded Cheats"
-Select a cheat and save, then continue playing
NOTE = Applying cheats to the gpSPhone has a chance of not working! Especially if your is the cracked version!
Those things happen, you might apply the wrong codes, or they might work, but they don't do what the description says!
We just made this video to show you where and how to do it, simply applying the cheats properly is your responsibility...
-Hope This Helps
If you have any questions, just send us a message.

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